Sunday, April 26, 2015


"Very early in the morning, on the first day of the week," the Myrrhbearing Women approached the tomb to anoint the body of Jesus with sweet smelling spices.  Meanwhile, the disciples were hiding behind closed doors "for fear of the Jews," mourning in solitude the untimely death of their Master.

Clearly that which the Myrhhbearing Women intended to do was an act of pure love and devotion, and indeed--perfect love casts out all fear.  Nor was this a rationally thought out plan they had conceived, considering that the tomb had been sealed with a large stone and secured by a guard of Roman soldiers.    Certainly they had no hope of rolling away the stone themselves.  What then were they thinking? 

Even so, they purchased the myrhh and set forth on their mission, because their hearts--overflowing with love for the Lord--would not allow them to do otherwise.  And so it came to pass that they were the first to receive the glad tidings our Lord's glorious Resurrection.  Though their hearts were burdened by inconsolable grief and despair no less than the Apostles, they nevertheless did not succumb to a sense of defeat and hopelessness, but rather--they actively sought to fulfill the laws of piety.

For their focus was not, you see, centered upon their own self-centered grief and disappointment that things had seemingly not turned out as they had hoped or expected.  Their focus was rather upon the One who had utterly transformed their lives, opening their spiritual eyes to the sublime vision of a dimension of reality that far transcends the stark reality of this fallen world.

The Myrhhbearing Women were, in fact, captivated by a vision of Beauty and ultimate Truth so profound that it can never fade away.  And it is indeed this very vision of ultimate Truth and Beauty that sinners such as you I  must ceaselessly cling to, no matter how dark and dreary our circumstances may appear in this vale of tears, as we patiently endure every trial and temptation we may encounter on the path of salvation that leads to eternal life in God's heavenly Kingdom.