Saturday, December 13, 2014


"See then that you walk circumspectly, not as foolish but as wise, redeeming the time."  But exactly what is time?....It is a mystery that as far as I know, no one had yet been able to adequately define.  What we can say is: time and eternity are mutually exclusive.  God created time, along with the whole material universe.  It is the tyranny of time that binds us to the tragic reality of this fallen world.

The truth is, the fallen human mind can barely conceive of existence apart from time.  To truly transcend the bounds (and bonds) of time and space, what does this mean?  Enough said, however, about such metaphysical speculations.  In this world we live in, time is a given.  So how do we redeem the time?....The simple answer is, by using it wisely rather than foolishly squandering it.

For you see, it was God Who created time in the "beginning," and it is given to us as a gift--that we might be granted the opportunity to work out our own salvation "with fear and trembling."  But the unfortunate fact is, we tend to take this gift for granted, as though there were an unlimited quantity of time at our disposal.  But like every creation of God, time has both a beginning and an end.  The time that has passed is gone forever, and there can be no second chance.  One cannot recycle wasted time....One can only redeem it. 

The fact is, it is only within the God-ordained limits of time that we can choose to set our feet upon the path of salvation.  Now is the time for repentance--once we have passed on from this earthly  life and escaped from the shackles of time, it will be too late. 

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