Friday, February 13, 2015


Just who is the man who has wandered into a far country, wasting his inheritance from his father on prodigal living?  It is, indeed, EVERYMAN--you and I--who has squandered the good gifts of our heavenly Father through loose living. 

And so it is that once we have willfully departed from our Father's house, we experience inevitably a famine--spiritual rather than material--for truly our Lord assures us that "Man does not live by bread alone."

Fortunately, the Prodigal Son at last "comes to himself"--he sees clearly what a foolish mistake he has made, and he repents.  But the fact is, nations can also "depart into a far country" and experience the spiritual famine of godlessness.  When the sons and daughters of Holy Rus rejected the authority of the God-anointed Czar and departed unto the  atheistic "far country" of Godlessness, they thought to experience the purely materialistic fruits of a New World Order through which would be created a heaven on earth--a so-called 'Worker's Paradise." 

Instead, they brought to pass a spiritual famine the likes of which the world had never known, until finally--in the fullness of time, through the prayers of the holy New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia--the nation repented of its madness and cast off the dark satanic forces that had held them in constraint for eighty years.

Only now it is we here in America who are confronted with the temptation to create a new evil empire in which man supposedly does live by bread alone.  And so, may God grant mercy to us all, that we may truly comprehend the deceits of the Devil and endure unto the end the persecution that is sure to come.

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